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Open a Corporate Account

Taking Care Of Your Business Needs

Looking for a top-notch Taxi Service that is there for your corporation’s business travel needs?  ​

You can count on Town Trip to take care of your employees. We’re available where you need us for all types of shuttling, transporting, and transferring throughout the Hastings area.

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, you can trust us to get

you anywhere at any time. Contact us to find out

 how you can start working with us.


Only available to registered Governmental Bodies, Educational & Businesses, 


As part of our services we provide an option to registered Companies, Hospitals, Care homes & Agencies to open an account with us in order to transfer the outstanding at the end of each month, allowing 7 working days to make your payment after receiving the invoice.


Terms and conditions:


In order to open an account with us you must be authorised & provide us with the registration number, contact details such as address, phone number & email address also a password

so any authorised individual could order a service using the password.

It is highly recommended and important to keep your

 Password safe as anyone could order a service using the

 Password and you will be responsible for the costs.


Bookings are subject to availability


For bookings terms and condition please  click here.


Late payments:


Customer are allowed 7 working days after receiving the invoice to make the payment

 so any late payments will incur an additional charge of 5% of the invoice amount for each day after the due date. It is highly recommended to keep up with your invoice payments as any

 Correspondent such as letters or emails regarding any late payment will

incur an additional charge of £25 for administration purposes.

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